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Frequently Asked Questions

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◊ How much do you charge to build a web site?

We charge based on specific requirements and the number and complexity of various web pages.  Besides visible pages, most web sites also have behind-the-scenes processing for database update and retrieval, tailored security access, and scheduled tasks.

Please contact us to discuss  your individual  needs and requirements.

◊ Do you outsource your projects?

No, we perform all development work in-house.  In rare cases when a special skillset is temporarily needed on a specific project, we may hire a sub-contractor for that task, but only with prior discussion with the customer and only after obtaining their approval.

◊ Can a project be priced based on a fixed fee?

Yes.  We can mutually agree to charge a fixed fee which will be derived from detailed requirements and specifications.  Any unforseen additional requirements and enhancements that materialize during the course of a project will be either charged on an hourly basis or presented as fixed fee addenda.

◊ Do you charge by the hour?

Yes, this is the standard practice in technology consulting, however, we can accomodate fixed fee billing provided an agreement is reached with the customer regarding exact specifications, requirements, and scope of the project.

◊ Why should I pick your firm instead of lower priced competitors?

In many cases, our competitors provide artificially low bids in order to get a project awarded to them.  However, most of these low bids are unrealistic and the actual cost of the project soon balloons out of control.

We give real estimates based on very  detailed specifications and deliver the work for the agreed price.  Only significant requirement changes during the project can result in price adjustments as necessary and any adjustments will be presented to you before additional work is performed.

With us, you will never pay more than what you agree to.

◊ We are a small/non-profit organization and cannot afford the same rates as larger companies. Do you offer any discounts?

We provide discounts to non-profit organizations, small businesses, women and minority owned businesses, and religious organizations.

◊ Is your work guaranteed?

Yes.  All development work comes with a 90 day warranty.  During that period, we will fix any bugs at no charge, provided noone else has altered the code.

◊ What happens after the 90 day warranty expires?

We provide extended service agreements at extra cost.  Individual agreements can be tailored to your specific needs and duration requirements.  Maintenance can also be provided and billed on an hourly basis.

◊ Will you come to our location?

99% of our work is done remotely.  This keeps costs down both for us and our customers.  Email and telephone are very effective for communication during every stage of a project.  We also provide numerous demonstrations, screenshots, and documents during the development and testing cycles.  For web based projects, test web sites will be set up for client access.

If a site visit becomes absolutely necessary, we will accomodate the request at additional cost.

◊ How long does a typical project take to complete?

That mainly  depends on the complexity of the project.  Once requirements and specifications are finalized, we will make absolutely sure that all agreed target dates are met.

◊ Do you have references?

Yes, we have numerous satisfied clients.  We will provide reference contact information upon request.

Please contact us if you have questions not listed here.